´Erdsummer´ A Montessori Summer Programme for Adolescents (Ages 12-16)


Montessori-Palau is a large Montessori school situated in the city of Girona, in the north-east of Catalonia, Spain. Girona is a city with more than two thousand years of history. It is ideally located, near the Costa Brava with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It is also within an hour's travelling distance from Barcelona and France, and the most beautiful scenery the Pyrenees mountains have to offer.

We are offering the international Montessori adolescent community the chance to enjoy a Montessori experience in an exciting new environment with other young people from all over the world.

This programme will enable students to carry out research projects in the following fields of study: biology, history, geography, geology, biogeography or journalism.

Students will also have the opportunity to work on the land, participate in voluntary activities, experience life in the whole school community and learn Spanish among others. Friendly, enthusiastic Montessori-Palau families will welcome you to their homes in order to make your stay in Girona unforgettable.

 This three week programme will include cultural visits to places of interest in the surrounding area and sports activities with the host family.

Montessori-Palau is an officially recognised environmentally friendly school situated on the outskirts of the city in more than 500 acres of land. You will be able to walk and relax in our beautiful forest, work on the farm and make use of five specifically equipped buildings. We have over a thousand pupils with an age range from the early months to eighteen years old. All of our primary and elementary teachers are fully qualified AMI guides and this new project was created by secondary teachers trained at The AMI Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies, in Ohio.



From July 3rd to July 21st 2017
Teambuilding activities
Guided research
Personal Project Work
Research Project Workshop
Weekly planning
Final project presentation
Kitchen for their own meals (based on local cuisine)
Recycled products (paper, envelopes, etc.)
Milk based products (yogurts,…)
Assistance in different classrooms (0-3, 3-6, 6-12)
Local arts and crafts (pottery)
Voluntary work: Girona Food Bank
Other Activities
Basic Intensive Course in Food Handling
Sports (trekking, basketball, …)
Swimming pool
Weekend cultural visits
Vehicular languages: Spanish and English
Optional: Spanish language classes
Host families

1280€ (plus travel) 20 Spanish lessons (supplement of 360€)        
Registration Information
You have the opportunity to preregister to guarantee your spot at this limited enrollment programme. Payment is not required until formal registration opens on March 20th 2017.
To reserve your place, please email secretaria@montessori-palau.net with your name, age and school's name.
Chris Gilham: cgilham@montessori-palau.net
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