Immediate Admission

If there are places, available students may enrol at any time of the year and the admission would be directly into the current school term. This option is especially recommended for the 1st phase of Infant Education, since it allows the admission of the student to be adapted to the developmental age of the children. Before enrolling, the school recommends one of the options listed below.

Enrolment for next academic year

The enrolment for the next academic year will take place after the Christmas holidays, prioritising the siblings of current students and children of alumni. In order to arrange the enrolment date, please contact the school on the normal phone number. Before enrolling the School recommends one of the following options.

Documentation required to formalise the enrolment

  • Family record book or birth certificates (photocopy and original)
  • Vaccination record of the student (photocopy and original)
  • Social Security Card of the student (photocopy and original)
  • Photocopy and original of the latest grades or school reports of the student
  • National Identity Document, Foreigner Identity Number or passport. (photocopy and original of the parents and student, if they have one)
  • Bank account number
  • Payment of the enrolment fee (if you do not so at the time of the interview, you can pay via bank transfer and the enrolment will be effective when the amount has been paid. This is not refundable)

Enrolment Criteria

Enrolment at Montessori Palau Girona depends on the availability of places and the acceptance of the educational project of the School by the interested family. The school gives priority of enrolment to the siblings of students that already attend the school and to children of alumni.