Cultural and Sports Club Sponsorship

The Montessori Palau Cultural and Sports Club is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to cultural and sporting education of children and young people. Its only source of income is the monthly fees of its members. Having the majority of its teams in provincial and interprovincial federated competitions mean that the costs of competing (equipment, registration, refereeing, referees expenses, transport) increase every season, particularly for the under-16s and above.

Year after year, the number of members has grown and the Club has tried to adapt to new demands, a result of the changes that have occurred in the sporting panorama and in the new approach of the so-called leisure society. Always faithful to the philosophy of both the human and sporting development of its members, the Club has ensured that there are a wide range of activities available in order able to satisfy the greatest number of interests and promote physical and cultural activity in the widest sense.

It is for this reason that the Club finds itself in the position of requesting help from private entities in order to meet the expenses, since the policy that has been followed so far is that of not increasing membership fees.

If you would like to receive information about what types of sponsorship would be available to you, please call the school’s usual phone number, 972 41 76 76, and ask for the coordinator of the Club, Ms Carme Oró.