The Linguistic Project

Maria Montessori: "If we assume that speaking different languages makes men different, we will find within the child a being who does not speak any language and who is willing to learn any of them."

The linguistic project follows the mother tongue theory and promotes the learning of Catalan, Spanish, English and German from Infant education and French is added at the Secondary stage. The school offers more hours of foreign language teaching and works in small groups and with native teachers. In addition, in some subjects English is used as the working language and students are prepared for the official Cambridge and DELF qualifications.

The Montessori Palau Girona Language Project offers languages not as an extracurricular subject, but rather integrates them as part of the daily learning of the student at each of their educational stages. All courses are prepared so that the students are competent in as many languages as possible, striving to strengthen the synergies between languages, with the aim of developing a great multilingual and intercultural capacity. For this reason, there are six languages taught from Infant Education to the last year of Secondary schooling:

Languages are used from a practical perspective and in an environment where students must use the language in their everyday life. The School has an International Projects team who are responsible for promoting various initiatives such as the German or Finnish student exchange, the European Youth Parliament (EYP), or Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN), among others.

Exchanges of 4th year of secondary school
European Youth Parliament (EYP)
Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN)