Psychology and Counselling Service

The Department of Psychology and Counselling is designed to support the psycho-pedagogical work at all educational stages by providing guidelines, knowledge and vision to the programmes and methodologies. Similarly, it also provides care, support and resources for all students, from those who are most able to those who require support in their academic performance and/or emotional well-being.

As a support to the teaching team, the psychologist for the stage makes specific and integrated interventions in daily activity for any student who needs it, either on the initiative of the tutor or through the student themselves. In some cases, group action, group dynamics or mediation are carried out in order to respond to specific needs.

Beyond the day-to-day activities, and if the student requires deeper involvement, they will be recommended to contact the Psychology and Counselling Service in order for the latter to carry out an individual evaluation and, where appropriate, make an assessment upon which a work plan will be devised. This evaluation entails an extra cost which the interested parties will be informed about. The service also offers family counselling in those cases where it is required.

Who it is aimed at

This service is aimed at both students of the School and those from outside who have experienced some difficulty in their functional, cognitive, learning, psychomotor, familial, social or emotional development. This service is also intended for families who need guidance on their educational role at home.

The Professional team

The Department of Psychology and Counselling is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive psycho-educational and clinical experience, specialising in neuropsychology, psychopedagogics, psychotherapy, pedagogy, speech therapy and psychomotor skills. Within these fields, we employ the most advanced theories and methodologies, ranging from neuropsychological concepts to emotional aspects.

In the same vein, the Psychology and Counselling Service team of professionals seeks to employ the most tried and tested methodologies and to improve the quality and efficacy of the interventions. The School has a team of psychologists that works closely with the teaching team and external professionals in order to preserve privacy and independence.