Transport service

Twelve transport routes to facilitate the student’s travel to the school

Montessori Palau Girona offers a school transport service that covers most of the counties of the province of Girona and its surroundings: Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà, La Selva, Maresme, Pla de l'estany and, above all, Gironès.

The journey becomes a good time to work on aspects as important as the autonomy of the student, good manners and respect for the traffic regulations. On all routes, there is a companion who is in charge of taking care of the students in case of any incident.

In order to manage the transport service, the School offers a software application, ground-breaking in the educational field, which allows the chosen options for each family to be modified whenever necessary.   

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The location of the Montessori Palau Girona provides easy and fast connection with the various places within Girona region and means that the commute is not overly long. At the beginning of each academic year, the improvements and suggestions proposed by the families are implemented in order to meet the needs that may have arisen during the year.

On all the routes served by the School coaches, there is a companion who is in charge of taking care of the students if any incident should happen on the journey. In many cases this is a teacher or a staff member associated with the school. If the companion is not a teacher, they will have received specific training so that they understand and can apply the educational objectives that can be developed during the school journey. 

This makes it possible to turn the journey into a good time to work on important aspects of education such as the student's autonomy, good manners and respect for traffic regulations, such as: the need to put on the seatbelt; having to remain seated while the coach is moving; or the need to keep the backpacks and bags in the boot of the vehicle.

The school also promotes good relations among younger and older students whilst on the school transport route, which is evident with the arrival of the coaches at the School. Both Primary and Secondary school students accompany Infants to the designated spaces from where they are then taken by the teachers to their classroom.

In order to manage the transport service, the school makes a computer application available to the families, pioneering in the educational field, which allows changes to be made to the service if required and to do so at any time of the day. This provides attendance monitoring and guarantees that there is a place for all students.

Montessori Palau Girona places great importance on the quality of the service provided by the contracted transport companies and therefore internal quality controls are carried out using arrival and departure punctuality sheets and ensuring that all coaches have the optimum safety measures.

The School has a sufficiently wide space within the school grounds to facilitate the movement of the coaches and to guarantee safety both when students are getting off the buses first thing in the morning, and when the students need to access the vehicles in order to leave the school.