The Montessori Palau Girona School, which maintains an attitude of respect, openness and tolerance towards all cultures, ideologies and religions that protect human dignity  is a private, non-state funded, secular and mixed school

Its motto, "Ad virtutem discendo" ("towards virtue while learning") summarises the manner in which Montessori Palau Girona understands education. In a deliberately welcoming environment promoting a good relationship with oneself, with each other and with the environment, the qualities of the individual are fostered in each student as unique beings, guiding them and accompanying them in the development of their potential. At the same time, the School fosters the capacities of work and learning in the student as fundamental skills to achieve the goals that have been set out for them and for their service to society. In order that everyone is working towards the same goal, both at home and at school, the school personnel make themselves available to parents, making the educational task being understood as a collaboration.  

This environment places special attention on the development of the individual, cultural and social personality through values such as tolerance, universality, humility, sensitivity, responsibility and intellectual curiosity. These are regarded as the foundations of excellence, both for the child and their academic success. That is why the school is private, non-subsidized, secular and mixed.  

The way the School has of understanding the how someone grows as a person, is as a human being who self-constructs through interaction with their environment.  This understanding respects the psychological characteristics and the manifestation of the human tendencies as described by Dr Montessori. This is the process of adaptation and humanisation that accompanies one’s growth throughout life and shapes one’s personality as a unique individual.

The Montessori Palau School offers an environment ideally suited for the construction of the human being to their maximum development, providing tools for them to discover their own happiness.

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