Our Training Center

MIRTC, a research and training center for Montessori education. We are one of around 50 Montessori training institutions worldwide and the only one in Spain that offers the AMI International Elementary Teacher Training (6-12) course. The MIRTC resides in the CCE Montessori-Palau Cultural and Sport Complex, a private school of more than 1,000 pupils located in the city of Girona, Spain, that in the last years has been leading the implementation of Montessori pedagogy in Spain according to the principles of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

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We deliver high quality Montessori teacher education programs that engage, nurture and inspire adult learners in the rewarding experience of becoming authentic Montessori Guides. We equip our students with a solid foundation in the Montessori Method, an extraordinary philosophy of human development and education originated over a century ago.

Teachers, teaching assistants, tutors, educators, parents, school administrators, anyone who desires to enrich the development and learning experience of young children can enroll in our programs. They can also participate in a wide variety of training activities that prepare them to guide the child in all aspects of development, such as introductory courses, conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures and discussion panels. They can take guided visits to the school associated with the center and explore first-hand the roots of the Montessori movement in Spain.

The fact that our training courses take place in a renowned Montessori school adds great value to the MIRTC courses, since participants can carry out their observation and practices at the school itself. There are very few Montessori schools that offer primary education in Spain with qualified AMI trained teachers and where such observation and practices can take place.

In fact, nowadays (2016), there are only three Montessori training courses recognized and validated by AMI in Spain: one in Santiago de Compostela, that leads to the AMI Diploma (3-6), another one in the Universitat de Vic, which apart from leading to the AMI Diploma (0-3 and 3-6) is an officially certified European Master’s Degree in Montessori Pedagogy (0-6) that the CEE Montessori-Palau helps to coordinate, and the third one in Girona, which starts on summer 2016 and leads to the AMI Diploma (6-12).

Our Elementary Teacher Training will be delivered under the leadership on of one of the most renowned AMI trainers in the world, the internationally recognized Dr. Kay M Baker. Our training team comprises Gabriela López, an AMI trainer that delivers courses in English and Spanish, and three CCE Montesori-Palau faculty members who are currently undertaking the rigorous AMI Trainer of Trainers Program, and they will be responsible for leading, coordinating and supporting all the activities related to the MIRTC.

The MIRTC challenges highly-motivated teachers to excel in their profession, to become effective Montessori practitioners and sensitive advisors to parents, and instigates adult learners to become enthusiastic representatives of, and maximum contributors to, the vibrant Montessori community around the world.

Enroll in our courses and embark on a rewarding career in Montessori education. Participate in our training activities and engage in an unforgettable educational journey.