Montessori Palau Girona Open Day

We invite you to a new edition of the Open Day, which will take place on 6th February from 10 am to 1.30 pm.

It is an opportunity to take a closer look at the educational stage, to see how a Montessori classroom and the materials are used, and to discover the complementary services and sports activities we offer at the School, as well as to begin to understand the methodologies with which we promote initiative, creativity and the human tendency to work. 

In order to visit the school, you can choose one of fourtours.


Date: Sunday, 6th February 2022
Hour: 10 a.m to 13.30 a.m
Place: Montessori Palau Girona htttps://
Four route modalities: Infants, Primary and The ESO and Baccalaureate and all modalities