Projects to encourage talent

The Montessori Palau Girona curriculum is focused on uncovering the talents of each student and offers options and activities aimed at improving their capabilities and enhancing their skills, among which are external competitions and awards. Even in the early academic years, students who have faster rates of learning and specific skills are provided with new experiences and access to new knowledge. The respect for the different pace of learning allows each student to continue expanding their learning without having to wait for others and, at the same time, those with slower rates can consolidate their basic learning at the same time as developing their talents.

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For many years, among the various curricular activities, the school has offered numerous experiences at all stages so that students can test themselves through external activities such as competitions, awards or exams that improve both their talent and their ability to overcome challenges. In addition, the School maintains an innovative approach in order to select those activities which, while relevant to the curriculum, promote the talent of the students and organises activities to stimulate their entrepreneurial capacity. Each year, a committee of teachers analyses and reviews the competitions in which the students of the school can participate in order to tailor the selection to the curriculum and to suit the talents of the students.

In recent years, our students have won prizes in a multitude of competitions and awards, ranging from the Physics Olympiads, both nationally and internationally; through to the international stage of the Young Scientific Parliament; in all subjects of the 'Bojos per...’ (Mad about...) programme; to being selected for talented students’ scholarships such as La Pedrera Foundation’s Youth & Science and the English and French translation competition of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).