The design of the curriculum and its extensions

Based on the Montessori Educational Method, the curriculum takes the sensitive periods and psychological characteristics of the student and human tendencies into account. The accreditation of the teaching staff by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) guarantees the authenticity of the applied Montessori methodology.

The education is personalised, in that each teacher plans objectives for each student. For this reason, the curricular design is aimed at bringing out the potential of each student in relation to their abilities, their emotional, social and creative intelligence, initiative and their personal autonomy. With the extensions, advanced students in some of the activities will be able to work individually in order to broaden and enhance their knowledge.

In addition, the School ensures they have the required knowledge in those subjects to successfully pass the external examinations required by law. The fifty years of teaching at Montessori Palau Girona mean that the design and revision of the curriculum is based on the experience, theoretical and technological knowledge of the School itself, together with the selection and integration of educational innovations.

The Innovation and Training Section, together with the Department of Psychology and Counselling and the educational teams, works with the advice of international research centres, including the AMI, who have identified the convergence between current research in neuroscience and the Montessori method. The studies that are currently being carried out in neuroscience endorse the effectiveness of this methodology in education.