What do they say about our services?

The ‘Welcoming the newborn' sessions give you guidelines on how to prepare the baby’s arrival and the truth is that they were very useful at a time when I seemed a little lost.

Sílvia S. P.


After the ante-natal programme, we continued with the 'Montessori at home' sessions and what we remember most are the recommendations to help the baby to become autonomous. As parents we can either collaborate with the education of our children or be a hindrance.   

Marta S. F and Joan M. A.


When I attended 'Welcoming the Newborn' at the College of Physicians, I had already prepared Júlia's room, but it was really good for knowing what changes to make which, if they hadn’t been explained, I wouldn’t have understood.

Ariadna C. R.


For us, sharing and exchanging experiences with other parents was really useful; it teaches you that we all have the same questions and need the same answers.

Aida P. V and Josep S. B.