Montessori at Home

For families with children between birth until they are at the walking stage

Dates: October to May

Format: Individual sessions (1 hour)

Place: The Montessori at Home Classroom within the 1st Cycle of Infant Education building

Price: € 20.00 per session or €70.00/4 sessions

  • How can I help my child become more autonomous?
  • What activities can we do at home?
  • What favours a healthy development of my child?
  • How can we adapt the home to offer the child quality opportunities?


'Montessori at home' is a professional advice service that is offered during the first weeks of life in order to provide the opportunities and experiences that the children need for optimal development.

Each family is assigned a Montessori Guide who advises them in designing the programme, shows them how to perform the activities with their children and who supervises various practices in a classroom specifically prepared for this purpose. At home, the families continue the work on their own. Periodic monitoring of the programme is carried out and updated depending on the child’s development.