Montessori Playgroup

For children up to 3 years old who can walk with stability and have had a minimum of 4 sessions in the ‘Montessori at Home’ programme

Dates: October to May

Format:  6 sessions 1 hour per week

  8 sessions 2 hours per week

Place: The Montessori at Home Classroom within the 1st Cycle of Infant Education building

Price: € 15.00 per hour

  • Does my child need to go to kindergarten if I can spend a lot of time with them?

  • Does my child need to relate to other children?

  • What can I learn by watching how my child works?

  • What level of autonomy will my child have in a Montessori environment?

The 'Montessori Playgroup' offers an opportunity to share the experience of being a mother or father with other families and, together with your child, enjoy working in a Montessori classroom especially designed for children of this age and guided by a Montessori director.