In athletics, one finds all those children who have the desire to take part in sport and to learn and practice the different disciplines that make up athletics. The athletes can go on to specialise in the disciplines they like most or do best in. At the club, special emphasis will be given to the jumping and racing disciplines, whether over hurdles, sprinting or long distance.

  • LEARNING TECHNIQUE: the good technical execution of the various disciplines is given great importance, with continuous work on the specific technique.
  • IMPROVING THE PHYSIQUE: in order to achieve a good performance and to participate in competitions, a plan for improving the physically condition is drawn up in accordance with the discipline and the competition calendar.
  • PROMOTING THE VALUES OF THE SPORT: effort, commitment, the desire to surpass oneself and respect. Even though it is an individual sport, it is learnt and practiced in a group and in the same area as other groups, respecting the fellow athletes and the trainers as well as the equipment and facilities.

Aimed at: Children from 8 years

Timetable: Thuesday and Thursday, from 5.30 to 7 pm, from 8 to 11 years

Price: € 188 per term (+ € 18 annual club membership fee)

Start of Activity: 13th September

Registration and cancellation: You should contact the school reception for all registrations and cancellations

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