Athletics is open to all men and women who want to do sport, learning and practising the different disciplines that make up athletics. Athletes can specialise in the events they like the most or stand out the most. The club will especially promote the disciplines of jumping and running, whether hurdles, sprinting or long-distance running.

The objectives set by the coaches in this section are as follows:

  • TO PROMOTE THE VALUES OF SPORT: Effort, commitment, respect, perseverance, friendship, self-improvement and learning to win and lose.
  • TO ADVOCATE FOR ALL: regardless of gender or level, finding the discipline that best suits the interests and characteristics of each person.
  • LEARNING TO LIVE TOGET TOGETHER: despite being an individual sport, it is learnt and practised in a group, sharing the court and spaces with the different groups, respecting teammates and coaches, as well as the material and facilities.
  • LEARNING TECHNIQUE: great importance is given to the good technical execution of the different tests, with continuous work on specific technique.
  • IMPROVING PHYSICAL FORM: in order to achieve a good performance and participate in competitions, planning is carried out to improve physical condition in accordance with the discipline and the competition calendar.

Target group: boys and girls from 11 years of age.

Price: 208 euros/quarter (+ 25 euros/year Club membership fee).

* Fee information: the first quarterly fee will be paid in mid-September (covering up to 21 December); the second at the beginning of January (covering up to 19 March) and the third in April (corresponding to the remaining days until the end of the course).

Timetable: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 6.30 pm.           

Transport: you can consult the Girona 1 route at the Transports website.

If you are interested in the bus route from Lloret or Sant Feliu, please note your interest and if there is a minimum number of participants, we will try to organise transport

Start date: 6th September

Registration or cancellation

To register or unsubscribe, please fill in the following forms and send them to the school reception.

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