Welcoming the newborn

Designed for families who are expecting a baby.

Date: 8th May 2024

Place: Clínica Verna (Girona)


Price: 10 euros per session. 15 euros if you also register for “Baby, you have grown up!”

  • What should the baby’s room be like? Should they sleep in a cot with bars?
  • What do I need to buy for the baby’s arrival?
  • What shall we put on the maternity list for delivery?
  • What can help me stimulate the baby?
  • How do we prepare at home for this new stage?
  • And the father? What is his role in the baby’s arrival at home?


We offer one advisory session to guide you on how to prepare the house, welcome the baby home and what activities you can do to help the baby as it grows. We will look in detail at the development of the baby from before birth until the first months of life. Attendees will receive advice and materials for home.


Extended program


Activity already carried out

8th May 2024 · 6 p.m. (activity already carried out)