´EmocionArte: the art of managing emotions and behavioural problems.´

In charge of: Mr Rafa Guerrero

Place: Montessori Palau Girona's Auditorium

This conference is aimed at all school families and ESO4BTL students.

Human beings are born without the ability to regulate their own emotions, as this is a skill that must be learned, especially in early childhood, thanks to the work of mothers, fathers and teachers. That is why the involvement of adults is essential to accompany our children on the long but beautiful road of learning emotional management. In this conference we will see the basic aspects to help our children to manage their emotions.


Mr Rafa Guerrero has a degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, a PhD in Education, is the director of Darwin Psicólogos and author of the books “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Between pathology and normality", "Emotional education and attachment. Practical guidelines to manage emotions at home and in the classroom", "Tales for emotional development from the attachment theory", "Educate in the link", "The 4 brains of Arantxa", "Know Alegria", "The child and adolescent brain". Keys and secrets of Neuroeducation", "Will you join me?", "Goodbye" and "What tantrums. How to manage behavioural problems in a respectful way", among others.

The lecture will be given in Spanish

Activity already carried out

19th October 2023 · 8 pm (activity already carried out)