Montessori Model of United Nations (MMUN)

The Montessori Model of United Nations (MMUN) is a simulation of the General Assembly of the United Nations for pupils from Montessori schools in which students take on the role of ambassadors of Member States in order to debate current topics. During their stay at the UN headquarters in Geneva, delegates discuss, prepare resolution plans and negotiate, with both allies and adversaries, with the common aim of cooperating internationally in order to solve problems that affect countries around the world.

Each year, Montessori Palau Girona sends delegations of Primary and ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) students who represent various countries and offer various proposals. To prepare for their participation at the summit, the students devote various sessions to researching and debating the topics that will be discussed in the Committee, through cooperative working techniques and using role play to get a taste of what it will be like in Geneva.

MMUN not only involves young people in the study and discussion of global problems, but it also encourages the development of useful skills throughout their lives, such as research, writing, oratory, problem solving, conflict resolution and creating consensus. This is in addition to using English as the working language.