History, values and philosophy

The Cultural and Sports Club began its activity in 1969, as one of the fundamental pillars of education in order to meet the sporting and artistic needs of the participants. From its beginnings, it has worked from the bases of effort, performance and values, with the aim of guiding everyday efforts towards improving the individual, whether through sport, music or artistic disciplines.

The values of the Club are:


  • Learning: If we recognise it, we all have much to learn
  • Effort: We must all involve ourselves in meeting the commitments
  • Generosity: We are all part of a Club and must learn how to share our experience in order to obtain an individual and collective benefit


The Cultural and Sports Club of the School aims to fulfil the interests of all those who want to take part in a sports or cultural activity and therefore we welcome both students of the School itself and those from outside who want to take part any discipline.