The main objective of the school’s football Club is to train each player to be intelligent on the pitch based on a systemic methodology. The football follows a technical, tactical, physical and psychological progression appropriate to each age, which seeks versatility of the player, leaving specialisation in a particular position for when the child is older. Team spirit is fostered as a central axis for the proper functioning of the department. The Under-10 and Under-12 teams take part in school competitions. From Under-12s the competition is federated.

Aimed at: Children from 8 years



Birth year


Days of the Week


2010, 2011, 2012

5.35 - 7 pm

Tuesday and Thursday


2008, 2009

5.35 - 7 pm

Tuesday and Thursday (+ Friday optional per al 2009)


2006, 2007

5.35 - 7 pm

5.35 - 7.15 pm

Monday,  Wednesday and Friday


2004, 2005

5.35 - 7 pm

5.35 - 7.15 pm

Monday,  Wednesday and Friday


2002, 2003

5.35 - 7 pm

5.35 - 7.15 pm

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Price: € 184 per term (under-8s, under-10s, under-12s); € 215 per term (under-14s, under-16s, under-19s) (+ € 18 annual club membership fee)

Start of Activity: 13th September


Registration and cancellation: You should contact the school reception for all registrations and cancellations.

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