Other Activities

Below we inform you of more activities that the Club organises during the season.

  • Popular races and cross races in the city of Girona

Together with the Physical Education department, the Club promotes participation in different popular races in the city of Girona.

  • Chess tournament

The Club organises a tournament in which all the students of the School and different chess clubs are invited to play. The classification is done by age.

  • Concerts and auditions in different auditoriums in the city.

The Club's music students take part in different concerts in the cities of Girona and Salt where they play both classical and modern music. The auditoriums where we have performed so far are the Viader Auditorium of the Casa de Cultura of Girona, the Auditorium of La Mercè, the auditorium of Les Bernardes of the Casa de Cultura of Salt, the concert hall La Mirona and the church of Sant Pere de Galligants.