Baby, you have grown up!

Designed for families that have a baby from 8 to 18 months

Date: Wednesday, 15th May 2024

Place: Clínica Verna (Girona)


Price: 10 euros per session. 15 euros if you also sign up for “The arrival of the baby!” For school families and alumni parents it is free.

  • What can I do when the baby starts walking?

  • When and how do we change the diet?

  • How to stimulate language?

  • How do we prepare the different rooms to help the baby be more autonomous?

  • What activities can the baby do on his or her own?

  • How can we respond to his/her needs?

We propose a session to guide you from the first year of the baby’s life. It is designed both for families who attended the session “The arrival of the baby” and for those who would like a guidance in this process of growth. Attendees will receive advice and materials for the home.


Extended program


Activity already carried out


15th May 2024 · 6 p.m. (activity already carried out)