Cultural Club

The artistic and cultural activities of the club are aimed at developing the creative and expressive side of the person, and are also as a means of achieving holistic growth. The programmes focus on a rigorous approach to the technical content specific to each discipline.

They include musical and artistic activities with the aim developing the most expressive and creative side of the participant. All of them have been designed for students from the age of 6 years and are all held within the school facilities.

Montessori Palau Girona offers teaching on a number of instruments such as piano, violin, viola, flute, guitar and drums. It also offers the possibility of singing lessons, and annually organises various concerts and music recitals in the auditoriums of the city which are open to the general public.

At the same time students can choose chess as an activity to promote their intellectual development, as well as the art workshop, where drawing, painting, sculpture and theatre take place.


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