International Projects

El Montessori Palau Girona, a model of internationalisation

In addition to the alliances the school has built with various educational institutions (schools, associations, congresses, etc.) at which it presents lectures and with whom it shares educational trends, the School encourages students to take part in various learning experiences abroad such as the European Youth Parliament (EYP), the Montessori Model of United Nations (MMUN) or the 4th year ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) Exchange which are complementary to the curriculum.

The Montessori Palau Girona school has established alliances with educational and research institutions around the world which have made it a benchmark within the international field.

Students take part in a large number of international projects that allow them to discover different ways of working and to use the foreign languages they’ve learnt as a working language. These include: the Montessori Model United Nations; student exchanges with Germany and Finland; and in organising and participating in various meetings of the European Youth Parliament. The School places particular emphasis on the search for new opportunities in internationalisation in order to strengthen the contact pupils have with culturally-enriched environments and prepare them for this society.

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The School regularly participates in international congresses and courses, with lectures dealing with various aspects of educational innovation and welcomes teachers and heads from schools and universities in countries such as the United States, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Japan, Germany and France, among others. In the same way, prestigious international centres are visited to see how they work and to complement the research and investigation carried out by the School itself.