The objectives

Notable among the objectives of the Montessori Palau Girona Cultural and Sports Club are the following eight points:


  • To provide all participants with continuous stimulation of their capabilities, values and physical abilities, and mental and social skills that favour personal and human growth, self-discipline and which promote healthy habits through sporting and artistic activities.
  • To ensure harmony between practicing a sport or learning an instrument and studying so that the student finds the activities to be a positive complement to their education.
  • To create an open structure so that the maximum number of participants are given access to the educational and formative importance that these activities have for all aspects of the individual.   
  • To uncover the talents of each participant, guiding them towards the most appropriate activity, so that their future practice is well-grounded, whether in the amateur or the professional field. 
  • To actively participate in the improvement of the sporting and sociocultural context that surrounds us in accordance with our values as a Club.
  • To learn and improve technique, tactics and physical fitness in any sporting discipline, to have fun and enjoy the activity with the aim of competing well
  • To develop the creative and expressive side of the person, also as a means to achieve growth of the whole person through rigorous work on the specific technical content of each discipline.    
  • To know how to work in a team and to understand that the intelligence of the group lies in the sum of its individual potential and effort.